What And Where Are You Focusing Your Energy?

Welcome to part 3 of the mini series - What You Need Most In 2015 Is Energy Not Time. In todays lesson the focus is on deciding on what projects and activities you'll be focusing your energy on for the next three months.

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Jan 06, 2015

Today’s lesson is really simple and easy to follow.

Turn to a blank page in your journal or notebook or open up a new Word document on your digital device.

Brainstorm all the important projects or activities you would love to positively focus your energies on in 2015.

Be wild, get down everything you can think of.

I like using bright, bold colours when I’m brainstorming as it really activitates those creative juices. I write in blank notebooks, with the page landscape and create my list all over the page rather than just write a generic list. I also prefer doing this kind of activity by hand as I find writing by hand and using colour brings out the playful and creative side of me.

Give yourself 10 minutes for the activity and if you find you want to spend longer brainstorming then by all means do so.

I’d like to invite you to think outside the box. Experiment by using the following prompts to generate possible ideas, which go beyond the mediocre and the familiar route of doing what is expected. As you generate your list ask yourself the question – “How will you stretch yourself to play a bigger game this year? At the core I’m inviting you to ask yourself, “What is it that I really, really, really want?” Here are your prompts:

·I’d focus on doing this activity/project if there weren’t any limits or barriers …

·This could be on my list if I knew I couldn’t fail …

·Intuitively I knew if I focused my energy on this project/activity it would leave me feeling satisfied …

·If I had one year left to make best use of my energy these are the three projects/activities I would focus on? …

·If I focused my energy on this one project/activity I know it would make a huge difference to my life in so many ways? …

·If I wasn’t afraid of messing things up my energy would go in this direction? …

Once your time is up give yourself the option of putting the list down for a while and then adding things to the list as they come to mind. I usually do this over a 24-hour period. It’s surprising what ideas come to mind when you walk away from an activity, get on with other stuff and allow the mind to free associate.

Now you’ve generated your list you have somewhere where you can house your ideas safely but of course you won’t be able to work on all the ideas right now.

So your next task will be to simply select three ideas/ projects from your list as a focus for the next three months. Yes, I’m not going to suggest any fancy or clever techniques about how to select, just go for it and choose your top three projects/ideas now.

Once you’ve decided on your three items place them in order of the one, which will be your main focus and which you’ll give the most attention to. What really gets me going is not necessarily which of the three projects/activities I start with but the actual physical act of starting and it doesn’t have to be at the beginning. What you want is to use the energy of starting anywhere with your project/activity to create momentum. Follow the advice of choreographer and writer Twyla Tharp who wrote, “Starting is not the same as beginning.”

·Number One Priority Focus Project or Activity

·Number Two Project or Activity

·Number Three Project or Activity

Focusing your energy on the right activities is half the job done. Doing this without interruptions will progress you even further allowing you to concentrate and deepen into the activity itself.

Your energy is a precious commodity so deciding on how and where you use it is crucial.

Hopefully by the end of today’s lesson you’ll have in place your top three priorities and you’ll know where and how to focus your energy on developing them.

Next lesson we’ll focus on how you’ll ensure that you protect and maintain your energy levels over the next three months.

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Jackee Holder

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