Your best year yet?

How to be intentional about having a great New Year.

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What will make the difference between 2015 being an average year or being an amazing one for you? What would you like to be different twelve months from now? What improvements do you want to make to your work, wellbeing or relationships?

The New Year is a great moment to take stock and think about the year ahead. But how do we make sure we achieve our goals or make the changes we want and don’t just let them become another item on our ‘if only’ list?

I’ve been thinking about what makes the difference between desire and actual transformation.

I believe if we want transformation we need the following:

Transformation = desire + commitment + insight + support > resistance

We need to have a desire or motivation to change. If we don’t really want the transformation it is not going to happen.

We need commitment to invest our time, effort and resources into making the change a priority. We need to set aside time to practice and to build new habits.

We need insight. We need fresh thought on how to approach whatever it is. That might involve learning new things or having a change of perspective.

We need support. It is hard to make changes on our own. It can help to have others alongside us to encourage us and spur us on.

And finally we need all of the above to be greater than our resistance if we are going to see the transformation actually happen. We need to capture a vision of what our life will be like, if and when we make the change and that vision needs to be greater than our desire to stay the same and do nothing.

Change is possible but it isn’t always easy.

That is why I developed the Naked Hedgehog’s Bootcamp. It is a great way to learn and grow in the context of a safe group of people. I will be starting the next Naked Hedgehog Bootcamp on the 12th January. The 30-day online programme is a fantastic way to get the New Year off to a great start. If you want to get clear about your goals, improve your relationships, love more, stress less, make an impact and be more authentic – it is perfect for you.

You can find out more at:

It would be fantastic to have you join us.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year where you can be bold, be brave and be yourself.

Sarah Abell

How to live, love and lead authentically,

My passion for authentic relationships came out of my own failure to relate well in my early twenties and what I’ve been learning about true connection ever since. What do I do? Good question and one I always find a bit tricky to answer. In a nutshell I help people to live, love and lead authentically. You can find out more at I have written, coached and spoken on relationships and authentic living to thousands of people. I was the Agony Aunt for The Daily Telegraph and I'm the author of "Inside Out - How to have authentic relationships with everyone in your life" (Hodder 2011). I have given two TEDx talks on authentic relationships and I write the Life Lab experiment on Love for Psychologies. I have been married to David for twelve years and we have one son, who is six. We live in Bristol.