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In Week 29 of The Great Wake Up our challenge was to start each day by writing down everything we're excited about and finish it with everything we're grateful for.

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I liked this experiment a lot (albeit I never quite managed to write anything down and "first thing" tended to be a bit later in the morning after my established rituals...)!

Gratitude has become a bit of a buzzword these days, and remembering to be grateful has been touted for some time as an important route to happiness, but no one ever seems to talk about excitement and that, for me, was the difference between starting the day with meditation or with dancing (guess which one I like better!!!)

Excitement is for kids - it's all about balloons, and ice lollies and the first day of summer break. Excitement is about possibility, and it's so easy to forget that every day we wake up to a whole world of possibility. The challenge, I learned, is to look for it even if, on the whole, you're not facing a day filled activities you would choose. When you make time to identify something to anticipate, something that's going to make you smile, it puts a fresh spin on the day and, I found, makes the gratitude list a lot longer in the evening.


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over 5 years ago
Spot on! I could not have said it better myself. Incidentally I genuinely get excited about reading the 'wake up' blogs. Excitement is something we should try to inject in everything we do - making a cup of tea for someone else should fill a person with excitement. That is where my "yeah-yeah" comes from. YEAH-YEAH! Vanessa!
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over 5 years ago
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over 5 years ago
Absolutely. Finding excitement in everyday life!
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Ha! so true this is a YEAH-YEAH moment!! Super reminder of childlike excitement. Big love, Chris x