​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #27

This week's assignment was all about adjusting our bodies, not just our schedules, minds or hearts. Time to get the blood pumping it seemed...

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Chris' challenge was about moving our bodies every time we went to the bathroom/toilet, just for a little stretch and exercise for a few seconds. Fortunately, he specified that we didn't have to do it in said bathroom; the bathrooms at my work and home aren't the most conducive for big exercise movements and stretches. This I can attest to, given that I tried doing a leg raise and nearly knocked everything off my bathroom shelf by accident.

Doing a bit of exercise every day is important and it's something I've sadly been neglecting, thanks to work and social life and other commitments; I swim once a week minimum but that's not enough and I feel my body itching to move more. Doing these little stretches were good and intuitive - even if it was doing a little squat here or a leg stretch there. I already dance a lot (not professionally, but in the 'oh this is a great song' kind of dancing).

I might not be making this a regular feature in my day - after all, I might not remember every time I use the toilet to do some hamstring stretches - but if nothing it's reignited my desire to move more, do more, be more in terms of exercising, and I'll always be thankful for it for that alone...


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over 5 years ago
Nice one, thanks Chris, glad it has sparked the exercise bug. C x