When positivity seems to be hiding

Sometimes we get our fair share of bad luck. It's then, when finding the silver lining on a cloud, becomes a little harder than normal. If you've felt down lately, negativity could be the force guiding your life.

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A simple recipe for improving your health might be to change your thoughts from negative to positive. But what if you find it almost impossible to change your thoughts? What do you then?

Life is not a plateau, and no one is happy all of the time. Firstly, find someone who is always happy. Every single day. Chances are you're not at home with them, when the kids wake them endlessly, when their parent is ill, when they've been made redundant for the third time, or when their car stalls on the roadside on the way to their best friends wedding. Life will throw us curve balls when least expected.

When you’re feeling down remember that that feeling hasn’t come to stay, it has come to pass.

In the meantime, you can find ways to ignite your positivity. One way to do so is by meeting new friends. Science shows that we are social animals. We need the company of others to feel validated and loved. Reach out to strangers and start being more social. Join clubs with shared interests. Use MeetUp to find people who have similar hobbies. Do what it takes to find new friends.

Another ingredient for a positive life is to focus on positive thinking…

How to Encourage Positive Thinking

Watch your speech: One of the simplest things you can do is to change the way you speak. Watch your words, and track your thinking and speaking patterns. Change what you talk about and share with others. Share your accomplishments when good things happen to you, instead of only the negatives.

Mindfulness is equally important. Stay in the moment as much as possible, and use your breath as an anchor when you feel your thoughts wandering off to negativity.

Gratitude is an essential ingredient in the positivity recipe. Express gratitude by journaling and tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Remember, if you live in a developed world you have more than nearly 2/3rds of the rest, so be grateful.

Why Be Positive?

Positivity can inspire others to improve their life. Each of us is responsible for either encouraging or discouraging those around us. Positivity is contagious and you can play a vital role in spreading positive emotions around the globe by being positive in speech and actions.

We've loved our Happiness Project group. Just being part of a collective that meets to discuss uplifting topics, opening up in a way we would possibly not have done otherwise. It's given us a real connection, we've seen such transformation in our lives and despite us all still experiencing those curve balls we feel better equipped to bat them straight back and with a cheeky smile.

Don’t underestimate positivity. With these few tips you can regain positivity and improve your life for good.

Michelle Stromgren

Marketing Consultant and Performance Coach, Owner - www.cvornotcv.com

Marketing consultant and performance coach running a business to support individuals and SMEs in their growth and development, fundamentally to increase confidence and get a healthy work/life balance. Alongside volunteering for a number of charities, Michelle is a mum of two and an advocate of clean air and green spaces. She loves nature, photography, writing and most of all learning. "Never stop learning. If you don't think you can do it, change your mind set and at least try."