Santa Who?

Old Saint Nick seems to have different rules for different families....

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Santa. The BIG man. Saint Nick. Father Christmas.

Whatever you call him, he is a busy man at this time of the year! Traditions are different all over the world. In Italy your presents are brought to you by La Befana, the friendly holiday witch who leaves candy and goodies in good kids’ socks and coal or dark candy in the socks of naughty kids. Mmmmm dark candy...

In Sweden it was a Christmas goat called Julbock who delivered presents. I love Christmas. I love goats. A CHRISTMAS GOAT may actually blow my mind! Over the past century, they’ve phased out the goat and brought in the Jultomte, an old bearded gnome like mythical figure. I'd prefer the goat.

In Mexico, Santa brings children gifts, but so does El Niño Dios, the Baby Jesus. Santa brings the bulk of the gifts, while Baby Jesus just brings smaller ones. But then Jesus only has tiny, baby hands so couldn't carry a flatscreen TV or get served at the off licence with Port.

Ded Moroz, or Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Sengurochka, Snow Girl deliver the presents to the children of Russia, keeping it in the family. I am imagining Snow Girl on her iPhone, tweeting her friends 'OMG, Poppa Frost is well doing my head in...'

Befana the christmas witch...

In homes across the UK there are so many different ways that our good old Santa deliver gifts. When speaking to a group of friends, we realised that we ALL had totally different Santa traditions. In my house, Santa fills the stockings with lot of small fun gifts. All other gifts come from us. Santa gets no thanks for the BIG presents in this house!

My friend buys all the gifts and then sends them to Santa who delivers them back to the house on Christmas Eve, this seems like a highly inefficient way to do things and having just spent £30 on posting presents to Australia I don't think I can afford to send bulky items to the North Pole and the queues at the Post Office are a nightmare at this time of the year.

Another friend buys no gifts at all for her children, EVERYTHING comes from Santa... My children must think they are really naughty compared to hers as the Cleasby kids got a chocolate orange and a yoyo whilst they got an X Box! Whilst her kids just think she is tight.

I want all the love and gratitude. No bearded man in red is getting that glory! I didn't see Santa fighting the christmas traffic to get to the shopping centre, then sweating his way through the crowds to get this year's *must have* gift after non-stop googling to find the lowest price. Screw you, fat man! I want ALL the love for this one!

So how is it that we have so many different ways to get the pressies out each December 25th? We all have our own ways to do things, through traditions that have passed through generations or just quirks that have happened over time.

I suppose the only important thing is that christmas is about children, family, friends. It's about love, kindness and sharing... It is about having this special day where the outside world stops and it is just about the special people around you.

So however your gifts get to you this year, whether it is Santa/Christmas Goat/Baby Jesus/Festive Witch, I hope you all have a marvellous christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Wintry Wishes to you all

Sam x


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