Week twenty eight in 'wake up'

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This is a strange blog because week twenty eight’s ‘wake up’ challenge was to walk and talk nonstop for seven and a half minutes with a friend as fast as you can with no editing and just let everything out. And yet this blog is heavily, heavily edited. The original blog which I was ready to post was shelved after a voice in my head suggested, “Nobody needs to know that.”

The thing is there wasn’t anything in the original blog that really harmed me as a person or anyone else for that matter but a voice in my head suggested I was starting to become a bit of a bore and I should talk less about myself and more about the experiment.

I am very aware I am an open book and more than happy to let people into my world, my thoughts, my feelings but something just before I was going to post said, “No. Stop! I think the ‘wake up’ family need a break from your inner musings, matey.”

I suggested to the voice I was just deep but the voice thought otherwise and suggested the word ‘dubious’ was nearer the mark. I disagreed but the seed of doubt had been sown.

So on to the experiment. I asked Sarah if she would be my confidant and the conversation which started slightly apprehensive ended in a fit of giggles, heavy giggles.

MARK: This week’s ‘wake up’ challenge is to talk nonstop for seven and a half minutes about my life and what’s going on in it. How I feel and see what comes out. There’s no editing just nonstop talking for seven and a half minutes. I thought of you and wanted to know if you’ll help me complete the challenge.

SARAH: Mark, that’s all you ever do.

She was correct and I realised this week’s challenge was something that I do already. The truth is I am a very open person with no secrets and only regrets. I like to talk about my thoughts, I talk a lot, I ask a lot and I expresses myself probably more than most but that’s who I am. I’m a walkie-talkie man!

Case closed.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


Go to the profile of Vanessa
over 5 years ago
Hi Mark, just so you know, I never find your blogs "over-sharing" - it's great to really get into how someone else experiences the experiments and gives me a fresh lens on my own experiences. Best, V
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Likewise Mark, your blogs are hugely inspirational for me. Squash that gremlin! Would love to hear if you did focus on one thing and talked for 7.5 mins and see how the listener observes what your energy is actually saying. Would be interesting from the Walkie Talkie man! Huge thanks C x
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 5 years ago
Thanks Vanessa and Chris. Yes, this was a weird one this. I chose Sarah because I thought she could give me great feedback on the bits I said but forgot about in the seven and a half minutes. But when she mentioned this is something I usually do anyway I think the wind was blown from my sails and I started to think thoughts of self doubt and that I was giving too much of myself away and did anyone need this much of me! Was I beginning to be pompous or something. If the truth be told my self-doubt is crippling at times but eh-oh we've all got issues and I just need to find a way of stamping on my self doubt. "Never mind." As my mum always says (and she's often never wrong). I'm still looking forward to next 'wake up' challenge, yeah-yeah!