Why I won't be making New Year Resolutions this year.

It happens every year. Well it used to.

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I would go for a coffee with my school friend, we would get out our ‘Letts school girl diaries’ and write down our new year resolutions. This would be tantamount to making our dreams come true, since they were now written down. Of course our dreams would come true. Our goals had become official. They had been shared, outed and written down as proof of intent. Having identified the shortfall of our miserable, weak and feeble lives, which were basically BELOW PAR in every way (ie lacking in BOYS mostly) – we forged ahead with a ‘to do’ list and would always leave the café feeling empowered and triumphant.

We felt (at that moment) heaps better. We knew that yes, we would meet that boy, loose that weight, get that prize, buy those shoes. Every year we would do the same thing. Myself and Fiona would suck on our biros and then allow ourselves 12 (yes 12) resolutions to be noted in order of urgency.

Top of my list was to loose weight. Top of my friend's was to meet a boy. Second on my list was to meet a boy, second on hers was to loose weight and so on. As we got older we included ‘read more’, ‘write a book’ and ‘go to gym’ but the resolutions always touched the same area. That in January we could look back and realise we hadn’t made the best of ourselves – we were still fat, slovenly and still loveless – and that this year, yes THIS year-we would break the chain of such weakness and forge ahead to achieve a perfect life. The life that we knew we could have if only we kept to our resolutions.

Fast forward to now. I have discovered that my life has been perfect (sort of) –well, I can’t change any of it, and if I want to read more, lose weight, meet more boys ( that one’s #awkward - I’m now married) I simply have to do that in the moment – rather than wish for it in January.

Also I have redefined my goals, I am still overweight , but I have met a boy (several- but it takes a few frogs to meet your match, I have found ) and I write and read more than I did when I was 13. So it’s not all weak and feeble at all. Be careful what you wish for – what you have may be far better. I’ve even written book now called ‘losing it’ – still fat though – but hey you can’t have it all.

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After a degree in Sociology, half an MA in Criminology, there followed in later life two doctorates which I was more than grateful to receive without having to do anything. Somewhere in the middle I did the stuff at the Central School of Speech and Drama before the stand-up comedy. So then I wrote and performed my stuff at London's famous Comedy Store as part of the early 80's comedians including French and Saunders, the late Rik Mayall and Harry Enfield. Guested on ITV's Saturday Night Live and got as far as Montreal for the first Just for Laughs Comedy Festival along with Lenny Henry. (My only worry is I may not have name dropped yet...) TV such as Ab Fab, Naked Video, Happy Families, One Foot in the Grave made me think twice before swearing in the street over a dropped bank note in case someone noticed. I still continue to do stand-up and recently had a sell-out run at the St. James Theatre with my own show Why The Fuss? Am acting when jobs come in, (Old Jack’s Boat Cbeebies with Bernard Cribbins currently) and sitting on spreading bum writing when not. New book Losing It published by Pan Macmillan is out on 12th February …Backside has spread on to two chairs it’s taken me so effing long…