Principles Under Pressure: Working in Adversarial Relationships

This is a 2,500 word summary of my book 'Working in Adversarial Relationships: How to Operate Effectively in Relationships Characterised by Little Trust or Support.' Perfect for anyone who is confused or frustrated by colleagues who don't collaborate with them, even though the structure of the colleague's role requires that they co-operate - at least some of the time. You can download or read this summary below, and download other valuable free audio and written resources on handling bullying and other challenging workplace behaviour at

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Aryanne Oade

chartered psychologist, executive coach, author and publisher, Oade Associates Ltd

Hello and welcome to my blog. I specialize in handling challenging workplace dynamics, successfully working from the premise that the additional resources you seek are already within you. My aim is to be a catalyst so you can turn areas where you feel under-resourced or vulnerable into skills and strengths, become resilient in the face of adversity, and develop a life and work experience you are passionate about. Working from the evidence-base of psychology, and over twenty-five years’ experience, clients tell me they experience my coaching and books as insightful, practical, non-judgmental and empathic. My work on recovery from bullying and bully-proofing has been featured in leading publications such as The Independent, Irish Independent (Sunday), Psychologies, Good Housekeeping and Marie Claire. Learn more at