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Jann Heigh about 4 years ago

Wouldn't it be good if this course and Psychologies in general recognised that people over 50 - 60 want to reset their goals for their lives outside of work/career. Some case studies would be great.

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HBarrie about 4 years ago

Well said Jan, sometimes think Psychologies feel that over 50s should shuffle off to their rocking chairs as they have no goals or lives left to live!

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Nicky Cooper about 4 years ago

I just finished the taster (which I loved) but definitely agree with Jann. I am 57 and have to adapt the 'work' 'career' parts of the grid to a system which makes sense for my life - the purpose and paths which are no longer set in a corporate world but are related more to my life purpose and meaning. Resetting the grid with a language to reflect that would be a wonderful alternative.

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Gejavalli Ramasamy about 4 years ago

I just completed the taster and found the two exercises therapeutic. Getting into action and dealing with procrastination are my biggest hurdles. I hope the rest of the course will help me sort those out. I am 42 and want to keep going strong forever. So my wish is for Psychologies to have something for every age group.