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Judith almost 4 years ago

Panicking as running behind, does the week by week need to be done each week? Been unable to give the time to this that I need to because the first few days motivated me to join a drama club, driving lessons started up for someone and I have been running around at work. Babysitting has been ongoing this week, unusually continuously, but next week promises to be calmer.......

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Sandi almost 4 years ago

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Sandi almost 4 years ago

Hi Judith I have decided to be flexible about the 30 days as long as I can see that I am still moving forwards. I am now on day 10 but on day 6 of the tasks, my aim is to complete the 30 days in between 45 and 60 days as I don't want the programme itself to become anothe task to do on the list each day.... If that makes sense.

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Rebecca Holloway about 3 years ago

I'm not sure my first week was very successful. The grid just allows me to see how little I have managed to achieve in the week, as there are very few boxes coloured in. I don't know, maybe I was too ambitious with the number of tasks on there. I will try and put fewer tasks on the grid next week and hopefully a higher percentage will get coloured, but right now I feel very unmotivated and deflated.

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Lynn Anderton about 3 years ago

The grid and learning has helped me gain clarity around what I want in my life and putting into perspective the areas of my life that are good and what tasks I need to do in order to improve the other areas

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Jasmine P about 3 years ago

At the moment it feels like a new way of writing a massive to to list

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Caz Harris about 3 years ago

it feels like it but shows where you are concentrating to much energy.

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Regina Dundelova almost 3 years ago

...or not enough ;)

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jospice spice almost 3 years ago

I'd restarted course as I had a gap and after committing...from last week's start...to doing 3 days in one I found a  natural flow and felt very timely and the grid which I was confused with  now feels clear and recharcghing me