Judith almost 3 years ago

the video stopped half way through........

Carol Pickett over 2 years ago

boring already! sorry! her voice is so annoying!

Helen Flannery about 2 years ago

A tad rude and ungrateful

Rebekka Smith about 2 years ago

On the contrary, I think she has a great voice and lovely face. Perhaps your feeling unhappy with yourself, Carol?

Nicola Jane about 2 years ago

I like the idea of making changes and I feel that I have a personal experience with my coach here to help me. My job feels boring at the moment, however a few changes and I will thrive. I have already jotted things down and I know this will make a big difference already to the children I work with in Pastrol Care. 

Gisela walker about 2 years ago

no noise. Checked my volume but nothing came up.

Irene Tomoe Cooper about 2 years ago

I like what you said "Life is a combination of action and rest" and to pay attention to energy.  I'm looking forward to understanding the grid!

Rohima about 2 years ago


I'm just starting. I agree ! 

S Ward about 2 years ago

Looking forward to this...

Jacqui Cole about 2 years ago

I also like what Magdalina says about paying attention to energy. I never allow enough time to recharge and consequently am too tired alot of the time to even think about my goals. Great introduction and looking forward to starting the grid. 

Fathima Mahamoor over 1 year ago