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Monique Borcard-Sacco over 2 years ago

Thanks Magdalena and thanks a lot to the Psychologies team for this valuable course ! I did enjoy it a lot ! I am the mother of two daughters aged 14 and 17 and I am presently on a new starting line both privately and professionnally as my daughters are becoming more independent. It was really enjoyable to be able to profit from this wonderful expertise for making clear what are my heart's desire for the coming years/months/weeks! I feel a lot more at peace despite the unknown and also I have developed the love and respect for myself and am clearer about what are my goals and needs right now. All the best to all of you, kind regards, Monique

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Ellen Tout over 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Monique, that's great to hear.

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AMANDA over 2 years ago

Thanks to this course I now feel happier. more confident and that my life is more balanced. I am finally making time for myself and for my dreams, while looking for a new job that fits in with my creative self. I just need to make sure I keep going now and using the grid to organise my life so I don't get sidetracked and distracted by unnecessary stuff. Onwards and upwards...to the future I seek! 

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Elen Parry over 2 years ago

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Elen Parry over 2 years ago

This course is really worth sticking with ... I am recovering from surgery and although everything isn't 'right ' about my life at this time , this has given me an opportunity to reflect and has become a welcome part of my routine every morning as I recuperate . I intend to return to it over the next few months.