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Gill McKenzie about 3 years ago

Finally got round to making that dental appointment I needed!

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Caz Harris about 3 years ago

did my grid using a mind map program

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Caz Harris about 3 years ago

got round to arranging 2 appointments to do with my health in fact it took me less time than I expected. !

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Jasmine P about 3 years ago

Not sure why we've been asked to put work and private life on same page ... seems to me it's been devised for self employed people. I think I will concentrate on my private life tasks at home and use this separately at work if I need to. What are other people doing?

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Karin Webb about 3 years ago

Hi Jasmine - I will only use this for my private life as work is totally separate and I keep it that way! I aim for a work-life balance and that means not thinking about work unless I am actually there.

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Wendy Christopher about 3 years ago

'Pick something I want to do, right now!' And what do I pick? "Clean the cooker top."

I need to redefine my idea of 'enriching,' I think. :)

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Jessica Strong about 3 years ago

I'm with you Wendy! Wondering how to get enrichment out of folding washing and doing the ironing...

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Kerry Hughes about 3 years ago

Finally found the grid info I needed and have started to put this into practice! Realised I do have a lot of time when I simply don't feel like doing the things on my to do list and watch tv instead! Will try to use this time more constructively now - thank you Psychologies x

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Irene Tomoe Cooper about 3 years ago

When I procrastinate, I realise I am not clear on what I really want or have not connected the vision to the reason why I want what I want.  Once I connect the two (my vision and my values), I stop procrastinating.  

I am still trying to see how I can make the GRID work me.  I look forward to the next few days as I may have an aha moment ;-)