Caz Harris about 2 years ago

A little stuck here as I can't work , any ideas on what I can substitute ?

Wendy Christopher about 2 years ago

Me too. Also somewhat miffed to discover we have to PAY to take the Strength Finder test on the website linked as part of this exercise. Nothing was mentioned about needing to pay for resources for this course prior to me signing up for it - a heads-up would've been nice.

Carol Walsh about 2 years ago

I'm at the end of my working career and want th Isncourse to focus my life on the next stage.  This is all too,workmorientated.  People have a life outside of work which is just if not more worthwhile.

Sarah Cathcart Evans about 2 years ago

Sadly have to pull together work for a bit but for the purpose of this I have also promoted a serious hobby to the "work" part of the grid. Also, I am wondering where to put contributing to the community, by helping at the fete or going to knit and natter, for instance. Isn't this work too, as it is part of the platform that supports your life? Or the admin that goes with collecting your pension etc?

Carol Walsh about 2 years ago

you can search for a strength finder questionnaire as there are several free ones on the internet.

Sarah Cathcart Evans about 2 years ago

I had an appraisal/ review with my boss last week, he brought snags. No positives. I don't want to go back and ask for my strengths! I am doing a 360. I am heading towards retirement, planning to give notice this week for my second step down in a year. Mainly fuelled by illness. Have to work until I reach pension, then will work less. I have ideas about what others in my position have done and am taking my plan on instinct. So I don't see these tasks as relevant for me, but that is ok, I can see the value and direction and can look back on character type advice grids I have done recently.

Yvonne ewington about 2 years ago

Hi, what about self development, confidence building, increasing knowledge, learning new areas of interest?

Irene Tomoe Cooper about 2 years ago

I can imagine that the people who seek your help are not missing a skill and are talented and capable.  I also find my clients just missing clarity on heir professional value or mission.  I find that it's also not knowledge they need - it's taking action.  

I work for myself and have a team working for me so I couldn't do this exercise exactly as you suggested in the tips but I did the strengths finder test and will talk with my team to see how we can maximise our strengths together.