Valeria Litvinyuk about 2 years ago

And after we put tasks on a paper you make us think that they are literally hard to manage "Ensure each task box corresponds to a single task that can be done in one go. " I would put this recommendation in the beginning. Everyone is able to do what's the have planned.

lorna Sugden about 2 years ago

a visual example would be nice, of a grid on paper written by someone as an example because its hard to see how to do this when its spoken about.

Sian George about 2 years ago

I agree. I expected to be given an example of this!

Melissa Sinden Gray about 2 years ago

You need to see the video BEFORE you read this article!!!

Melissa Sinden Gray about 2 years ago

You need to see the video BEFORE you read this article!!!

Satwant Kaur about 2 years ago

Where is the video??

Polly Jenkins about 2 years ago

Please scroll down on the right hand side of the page to the topic called 'Day 2: How the grid works.' Watch the video within to see how to do the grid.

Sandra King about 2 years ago

Grid done. Goodness, it makes you realise just how much you do in one week!

John Smith about 2 years ago

Don't force people to watch a video to understand a text article.  If you want to supplement an article with a video or other media then fine, but people have a variety of preferences for educative media.

You also need to get your web programmers to prevent empty comments being posted.  It's not difficult.

Gill McKenzie about 2 years ago

Better practice to not save any empty comments in the first place.

Toni Collier about 2 years ago

This is a good technique. Very similar to a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) used in Project Management.  

Jasmine P about 2 years ago

I totally agree with the comments about the pages being badly set up. Also with posting - wouldn't it be better to have the new comments go to the top so they're constantly changing rather than the oldest comments stagnating at the top? Seems obvious to me .... I hope Psychologies are checking these comments!! Get in touch editors!!!

Shiela Monaghan about 2 years ago

Shouldn't it be Life, Work, SELF, Career?

Maureen Slaven about 2 years ago

I had real problems getting into this programme today and had to re-track my route through from the initial invitatation again. I could find the course but was told via a message on the screen that I was not able to view the videos and then invited to sign up for £47. 

Frances O'Neill about 2 years ago

Ditto - I had to go as if I was joining again and it brought me in. 

Frances O'Neill about 2 years ago

Real problem with the video for this being after this in the order of completion - only it said something above about 'now you have watched the video' and I thought 'no I haven't!'.  I can see this being more trouble than it's worth - it was hard enough picking up where I left off yesterday - there is no link on Psychologies or LifeLabs own pages for anyone part way through a course.  

Amanda tinniswood about 2 years ago

Grid complete for the week ahead, looks so much on it but gonna give it a good go.

Kerry Hughes about 2 years ago

Struggled to get back onto course today, took ,e ages to find sign in page, then its telling me I've watched a video that I haven't and now I can't find it, also it says theres a template of the gird below - there isn't - its very frustrating. Glad its free, I certainly won't be paying for a course if this is what you get!

Irene Tomoe Cooper about 2 years ago

I appreciate and I am grateful that we are able to learn and utilise this valuable information for free.  I know it takes a lot of hard work and hours to get these videos done and to put them in a format for students to access.  There are already comments and feedback about the course but my two cents are:

1. It would be helpful to see the GRID first (visual aid helps and it makes the concept easier to grasp).  Then add the instructions for us to follow.

2. It would make it easier for us to access the information when the videos are in order (it was hard to find the video about the GRID... but I was determined and I found it but you probably lost a few people through the maze which is a shame I think.

3. I have kept this site available on my computer so I can access it for the next 30 days without trying to look for it but comments already written make it seem like it was difficult to access the information again.  Something to look at for improvement in the near future.

I am really enjoying learning a new way to manage time and tasks so thank you.  I look forward to the other videos.

Bella G. about 2 years ago

Why is the grid demonstration video and information about what the grid looks like, put AFTER the section for doing your first grid? It doesn't make sense.

Josie Ferrante almost 2 years ago