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Judith almost 4 years ago

Oooops clearly not happy at work and that is affecting all areas of my life.

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Valeria Litvinyuk about 3 years ago

Happy but not efficient at all

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Gaynor Purdom about 3 years ago

Need to think about my career and improve my self-care. Otherwise, I'm doing ok but need to up the ante a bit.

Go to the profile of Melissa Sinden Gray
Melissa Sinden Gray about 3 years ago

Health & self care - buggered. Sigh. I knew this all along. Need to muster the strength to battle various demons...

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Sandy Vest about 3 years ago

Maybe not relevant for a retired but open to learn oldie !

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Lauren Wiginton about 3 years ago

As a career shifting, mature (mid 30s) masters student I didn't fair so well in the work and career section. Maybe it could be adapted to be relevant also to people at different stages with their careers/work life, like the retiree as well as masters or phd students.

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Donna Suttle about 3 years ago

Now I know my target areas!!!

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AMANDA about 3 years ago

Self care and career were quite low for me. I've always known I don't take enough time for myself, to rest and do things that are good for me. Hoping to change that. As for career, I've been struggling for years to make it as a professional writer. A hard feat I am aware. My day job scored okay but it's just not what I want to do with my life. Looking forward to seeing how the course can help me change things. 

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Sandra King about 3 years ago

oh dear my self care score is very low. Not too surprised as I tend to prioritise the needs of others before myself. Need to look at how  I can create some more me time! The letter writing was a great exercise and putting ithoughts down on paper somehow makes it much more real. Even shed a few tears!

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Marian English about 3 years ago

Oh dear. Life is low.

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John Smith about 3 years ago

These questionnaire points are supposed to be aspirations?  "My body has no major ailments" is an admirable aspiration but is unlikely to change if the answer is "no".  In case (and I'm not alone) it is a medical impossibility.

"I am paid well for what I do":  again, unlikely to be amenable to improvement for the vast majority of people.  Is this questionnaire designed to undermine any current feeling of self respect?

"I feel deeply connected to others":  I am surely not the only person for whom this is of no interest.

The questionnaire pre-supposes the reader's aims and goals - don't let it distract you from your own.

Go to the profile of Charlie Hill
Charlie Hill about 3 years ago

A timely reminder that I need to focus more on self-care! Life and work OK, but room for improvement, and career is the top score. Guess where I've been focusing all my attention in the past three years!!

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Carol Brown about 3 years ago

Really useful questions to ask myself - self care an issue and boy do I feel it

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Gisela walker about 3 years ago

my life and self care is terrible.

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Paula P about 3 years ago

7-6, not bad. I am o.k, that's right. But I need some changes and more challenges.

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Wendy Christopher almost 3 years ago

Wow. Apparently my life sucks more than my work does - and the work I do is voluntary. Guess that explains the intermittent misery of the last few months then.

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Wendy Christopher almost 3 years ago

Does anyone know what sort of stuff we're supposed to write in this letter to ourselves? I'm guessing something like "Dear Wendy, it looks like you suck" is not constructive? ;) (That's what happens when you do the questionnaire first!)

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Glenda Saint John almost 3 years ago

Mine is completely unconstructive and just a brain dump. Very depressing read actually!

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Caz Harris almost 3 years ago

lacking on the self care section

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Hazel Rees almost 3 years ago

I scored lowest on career, but I am 65 and coming to the end of my career, though still working.  I scored better on work because I believe I make some small difference to people's lives. I know I make a lot of people smile.

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Shona O'Reilly almost 3 years ago

Hi Hazel.  I am a little older than you and I scored low in career too.  I still have a couple of major goals career wise though and feel a real sense of urgency despite having to face the end of my career aspirations and keep them realistic now.  I liked your post thanks.

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Irene Tomoe Cooper almost 3 years ago

I can clearly see where my strengths are and what I can improve upon.  I enjoyed the exercise.  Thank you!

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Jasmine dawes almost 3 years ago

Doing great with self-care which I'm super happy about. My blog 'soulo.space' is aimed at providing this sort of self-care knowledge ("nourishing ones soul') so finding out that this part of my life is the strongest gives me a great boost to keep working on it. My work and career needs some work - but as previously stated that is being worked on now! Super happy with my results. And I hope that doing this course, and working on these details will make my 'Life' section even stronger! Good Luck everyone. xx

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Sue Makey almost 3 years ago

I was surprised how true the results of the questionnaire were for me even though some of the questions did not seem fully relevant. Self-care has huge deficits! I have high productivity for work (present job) and life but career only OK- I was recently made redundant. It's time to sort out the self-care now!

Go to the profile of MOhsen Hashemi
MOhsen Hashemi almost 3 years ago

significant deficits that can push me into crisis, I knew this issue for last three years and I think by then I was even worse in scoring. It is true that I do not have a self care simply because I dislike my self and who I am .. funny is that I know it is wrong but the inner emotional side, over powers the logical ones.  I liked the letter to myself, for the first time I admitted to all what I thought in last years about myself.

Go to the profile of Louise Mitton
Louise Mitton almost 3 years ago

Well no surprises! My whole life needs a major overhaul! I am trying to increase my fitness and self care but my diet really is pants. I love my job but burnt out by expectations but are these my issue rather than  the actual job? we'll see at the end of the 30 days

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Louise Graham almost 3 years ago

Any examples of letters?

Go to the profile of Shona O'Reilly
Shona O'Reilly almost 3 years ago

I'm a newbie  The magazine takes a while to get to the South Pacific.  I was astonished with my letter.  I wrote a series of paragraphs all starting with "Right now"  I was actually surprised how keen I was to back myself and get on with it.  There were some not so flash paragraphs for example;  Right now you are not happy with your life, you are unhealthy..... Another paragraph was "Right now you have so much.  You have opportunities......"  Another was "Right now, you need to reinvent yourself...."  Another "Right now you are looking back on a life that has been generally unfocused...."  It turned out to be way more positive then I expected.  I expected a misery dump.  Good luck if you are still there Louise

Go to the profile of Shona O'Reilly
Shona O'Reilly almost 3 years ago

So I have significant deficits in my life and career.  No real surprises there.  I am  aware of the imbalance.  Work and self is OK.  That seems to reflect reality.  I work really hard in business world and have been quite self absorbed lately doing what I what and to heck with it - but aware that has been a bit self indulgent and perhaps harder for others.  I am going through a real re-appraisal and my goals are confused.  Good questionnaire thanks.