How to Achieve Your Goals

'How to Achieve Your Goals' is a revolutionary and transformational 30-day online course to help you reach your goals holistically and realistically, while keeping every area of your life happy, balanced and productive along the way

4 Modules

Module 2 – Goal-Setting as you have never seen it before

In this module we move from experimenting to proper goal setting and task creation, so that our Grids capture and reflect what we want to do. As we learn goal setting over the next days, we will start by examining the foundations on which our goals rest. Without knowing the foundations for what we want to achieve, goals are like castles built on sand. As soon as we face difficulty, we are more likely to give them up. So this week we will explore these foundations via various exercises always checking back with the Grid of what we are doing across life, work, career and self-care.

Module 3 – Diving deeper into balance

This week’s Module aims to create a deeper balance across the four Grid areas: life, work, career and self-care for optimal productivity and goal achievement. The activities this week will examine your balance by getting us to explore what conditions we need to thrive in the first place, how to get into balance with other people by having heart-led conversations, and rediscovering the balance between our conscious and subconscious mind for greater integrity and wise productivity.

What you'll learn

  • How to commit to your goals
  • How to fit your goal into your daily routine
  • How to balance your time and commitments
  • How to find the inspiration to achieve your goal
  • The tools to be more productive

The Instructors

Practical Wisdom

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