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MARTIN HATTON over 4 years ago

ok, this was done... first few days in kick-start course, so some dupliaction

if this circle represents how authentic I am in my relationship – how well am I doing? no as bad a I have feared
What areas am I doing well in?
good impact although not in relationship, more in work...
presence, most weekend are shared times... consistent but living alongside each other..
What areas would I most like to improve?
communication, this course has been started during a week break wife away, with time off work, so plenty of me and time
What impact would it have on my relationship if I improved those areas?

move form protection to some connection, slow but improvements

thanks Sarah

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MARTIN HATTON over 4 years ago

liked the video,, similar upbringing with Harry, work in forces, isolating but disciplined and perhaps socially learned isolation and independence of peers....clear discipline learnt to cope

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Sally Zw almost 4 years ago

I was rather shocked at how badly I fared. I hide a lot, I don't share most of my real feelings with my partner. Most of my relationships are not good and I've cut a lot of people over the years.I had a very dishonest relationship with my mother for many years and was not honest as to my inner rage at her for not standing up for me as a child. I am quite good at listening to others and supporting them, but I don't really share my feelings and so don't get the support I need. I have a lot to work on. I am very unhappy in my current relationship, but I know he loves me and is committed.However if I don't make changes soon I will lose him. Orange warning lights on my dashboard!