How to Save Your Relationship

Create an authentic love that lasts.

A 30-day online programme created for Psychologies Practical Wisdom by relationship expert Sarah Abell to help you improve, mend or save your marriage or long-term relationship.

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4 Modules

Module 3

This week is about investing in your relationship and showing your partner love and concern. Every day this week we’ll look in detail at one of the love languages. The more positive connections you can build in your relationship – the more resilient it will be if and when you experience difficult times

What you'll learn

  • The tools to resolve conflict effectively
  • The tools to connect again
  • To understand your partner better
  • To understand your own behaviour better
  • How to pull together and not apart
  • How to break negative patterns
  • The tools to re-build your connection
  • How to reignite the spark between you

The Instructors

Practical Wisdom

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