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MARTIN HATTON over 4 years ago

ok, will sign up, why is there money off course? now

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Kate Johnston-Biggs almost 3 years ago

In Psychologies Magazine the course is advertised as a ‘FREE 30-day online course’. There’s no mention of a trial period and a payment after the 3 days... Anyone shed any light on his?

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Jo Harrison almost 3 years ago

It is free, you can keep going by clicking on the next day... :)

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Ellen Tout almost 3 years ago

Hi. The course is free. Please email me on ellen.tout@psychologies.co.uk if you have any issues. Thanks

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Rowena Gray over 2 years ago

I would like to do the free course but can only find the £49 option

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Julia over 2 years ago

I also see only paid option, no free one after 3 days trial.