Krista Carson over 3 years ago

I enjoyed this start, having never done yoga before.

cathy fletcher over 3 years ago

Like Krista I enjoyed day 1 but it highlighted to me how stiff and locked my body is and I found some of the poses difficult. Here's hoping 30 days on I tell a different story!

Louise Stapleton about 3 years ago

Agree Cathy... not having done much yoga not only did I find my body stiff but also struggled to keep up - found it a bit rushed.

Emma Lightfoot about 3 years ago

Unable to even watch the videos. I get about a minute in and they stall. Really irritating (and no back up from the company).

Charlie Hill over 2 years ago

This was a good first session. A couple of the poses were quite tough for someone who has not done yoga for a while, however the different levels were catered for. I really enjoyed it.