Is it time for a change?

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Life can sometimes become a little grey, a bit predictable, and perhaps lose its vibrance. If this is happening for you, you may want to consider doing something different.  

Humans are creatures of habit. We have regular patterns of action and behaviour that we follow. This means we don't have to think about what we are doing so hard, we know how to clean our teeth, make a cup of tea, drive to work, get lunch etc etc.  Habits reduce the need to pay attention and to invest energy in an activity, they make life easier and without them we would struggle. 

The downside of habits, however, is that they reduce our presence. We can function on autopilot, and that means we miss out on what's happening here and now.  As we glide through our usual patterns, we don't perceive what it is that is unique, special and different about doing what we are doing today, right now, as opposed to any other time we do it. 

To re-engage yourself, do something different. Sit in a different chair. Vary your choice of drinks, or where you get your lunch. Walk or drive a different route.  Do things in a different order. You can make small changes, and through them bring your attention to what you are experiencing right now. The present is the only time you are alive and conscious, so why not make it special?

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