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Why I fell out with Chris Evans on International Women's Day

I love Chris Evans and his Radio 2 Breakfast Show and up until today, I have quickly forgiven him all of his occasional sins. I love his energy, positivity, brains and creativity. I really love the man. And he's a fellow red-head. What's not to like? ;) But on his breakfast show this morning, I was a wee bit irritated with his slightly patronising, faintly amused approach to International Women’s Day (#IWD). I only caught snatches of what he was saying in the pre-school run busyness. But I picked up on phrases like; “It’s because we (men) can’t have babies”.
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Mar 08, 2016

Career change in 2016? How to make it happen, and make it last..

For our parents and grandparents generations, career change was nigh on impossible. Although it is difficult today, the good news is that the pace of change in the economy, new technology, greater awareness of alternatives and in some cases plain necessity have enabled access to new opportunities. Many have broken the shackles of the old world thinking and have started their own businesses or chosen a lifestyle alternative. In no particular order, this is my advice if you want to change direction or change career.
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Jan 14, 2016