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How to Bounce Back From Public Failure and Humiliation

250 Men Turned up Specifically to Boo at Her... Imagine failing at something so publicly that you were featured on the front page of the national press. Now imagine if, at the time of failure, you were standing at the front of a hall in which 250 men who had turned up specifically to boo at you and revel in your failure. And imagine a journalist shoves a microphone under your nose and asked you to comment about how you felt. You would probably feel like crying. And that’s exactly what Baroness Warsi, who experienced all this, felt like doing at that moment.
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May 13, 2016

Where do you sit on the optimist-pessimist scale and why does this matter?

If you read enough self help and positive psychology material, you could be forgiven for thinking that we could all be super optimists if we only put our minds to it. Whilst I share the sentiment, lets not forget that Pessimism is not an affliction and without it the world would be a less ironic, funny, diverse and interesting place.
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Apr 22, 2016