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Real power means letting go..

Many people spend a great deal of time and energy trying to control their lives, careers, partners or loved ones to achieve the outcomes they desire and this is often the path to unhappiness and disappointment. It is only by taking the braver course of letting go, with all of the uncertainty which that entails, that you can thrive in a state of flow and enjoy lifes rich surprises and texture.
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Sep 09, 2014

The power of the diva

My family is from the north of England where any showing off or revealing of brilliance could be met with ‘Don’t make yourself out to be more than what you are!’ But if you are to follow the advice ‘fake it until you make it’ you kind of have to ‘make yourself out to be more than what you are’ make anything work. The truth is you can’t do ANYTHING of brilliance in life, if you don’t step into a whole load more belief then evidence!’
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Aug 29, 2014

30 Days of Adventure: Write Your own Marketing Plan. It's something we women are supposed not to be good at but...I dare you to blow your own trumpet!

Any survey will tell you, women do not blow their own trumpets when it comes to selling themselves at interview. Indeed, I have some great women signed up to deliver my RenewYou programme but a significant majority of them will tell you that they hate the marketing bit and really like the delivering bit. So much so that I've hired an exclusive marketing coach for my trainers! Read on for some ideas to play around with marketing yourself in your month of adventures!
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Aug 04, 2014

10 Career Tips for Women. Number 8

Number 8 – Bring in the Experts - Delegate All the successful women I know are good at delegating. Lots of the women I know who struggle on being good enough have not yet learned how to delegate and/or bring in the experts. They usually have enormous potential but have not learned how to make the most of it as they are simply too busy.
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Jul 15, 2014

10 Career Tips for Women. Number 7

Number 7 – Aim As High As You Can (and then go higher!) Women tend to play safe. That’s the consensus of the literature, research, and my own experience. Answer these few questions honestly:
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Jul 15, 2014