"The Way Out Is In" Thich Nhat Hanh

Freedom from pain and suffering lies within us all, not in the out solutions we often look to.

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Today I was interviewed online by a woman who seeks to lay bare the stories of empowered women. I am a burlesque performer and my interviewer was keen to hear about my journey from eating disorder and self hate to the joyous, glitzy (sometimes!) and abundant life which I now enjoy.

We talked about how I have overcome some suffering in my life, and at times some extremely dark periods. I had been thinking a little while about what I would say during the interview, and if their was some kind of guideline I could offer, like a step by step guide to healing from pain. There is no such thing. It would be easy and almost blasé of me to give tips on how to heal and find power once again. For me this would strengthen the illusion that in life there is some place to get to, other than the present moment. That we do not intrinsically have what we need so that we can heal from the inside out and that the answers lie in some mysterious far off destination. To reinforce this notion is delusion. 

During the intereview the words from the title of this post came to mind. Thich  Nhat Hahn teaches that in the same way that all spiritual practice shows, we have inside us the gift to be able to regroup, heal, calibrate...however one may want to say it. The way out of pain is through the turning inwards to the inner world, not the outer world for solace. The steady inner shifts and cleansing of our minds and bodies through spiritual practice such as meditation yoga and chanting, alongside non judgemental self reflection are the pathways through and out of trauma and suffering. To get out, one needs to go through. Through the spaces of acknowledging and feeling pain when it arises, being with the uncomfortableness of choosing to heal, and showing up for the challenges that come with it. 

So, I send out love to all beings as we find our healing paths. Do your practice, be here in this breath, this moment, this is where power lives. 

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Sarah Elizabeth Wheeler

Teacher and Reiki Practicioner and Burlesque Perfomer, Reiki Renge and Venus Gallactica Burlesque

Hi! I am one of the Psychologies magazine Ambassadors and I am so thrilled to be here writing on this blog. I am a teacher, mindfulness practitioner, yogi, writer, Reiki healer, law of attraction lover and burlesque performer. I am on a spiritual path and as part of this path I have recovered from anorexia, body dismorphia and sexual assault. I have recently begun my own Reiki Healing practice called Reiki Renge, based in South East London. We all have the potential to alchemise our past into healing and power. I look forward to our journey together as we step into light.

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