Using the transitions in your day


A mindfulness teacher gave me a really useful reminder this week about the power of using transitions as a moment to ground ourselves and take stock.

As we move through our day there are many transitions. For example we may move from home into work, or from caring for children to being alone, or from doing chores to being with a friend.

Each of these changes offers an opportunity to check in with yourself, and sense how you are. What is your head like - quiet, full of chatter, playing you music internally? And your emotions - what do you feel as you move from one focus to another? And your body - what are you sensing, and where do you sense it?

Taking a moment to turn inwards and find your ground provides stability as you pivot from one activity to the next. It enables you to arrive more complete and able to engage fully with where you are and who you are with. It helps you let go of what you have just left and find the stillness of the space between.

What transitions will you be moving through today? How can you make them count?

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

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Niki Schafer 2 months ago

I write about having anchor items around the house to remind you to do this. The handle on a front door is a great transition item - to remember to switch from work mode to home mode - leaving stresses outside perhaps.