Managing the energetic impact of relationships

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A theme coming up in my work recently has been the importance of our boundary with the world around us. Having autonomy and control over what we take in, and what we leave outside is essential for health.  We tend to acknowledge this when we talk about food and water, but how often do you think about it at an energetic level?
Energy is contagious. Have you ever noticed a person with 'presence' walk into a room and change the feel of it just by being there? Or experienced being with someone who is excited and began to feel excited yourself? Or maybe you have sat with someone who is upset and really intuited what it is that they are feeling, without the need for words.

You are not just a body. You are simultaneously physical matter and energy. You interact with the energy around you, and it affects both body and mind. 

We have a responsibility for our health and well-being, and one part of this is to notice the way that the energies around us affect us, and to take care to make sure we top up on what restores and replenishes, and manage our exposure to what depletes and saps.

It may be that we can address energy sappers with a good self-care regime, and a network of positive and inspiring presences in our life. It may also be that we need to spring clean our network occasionally to make sure we do not take in unnecessary negativity from others.  Oftentimes no one means to pass on painful energy, it can sometimes just happen, but we still need to take care of ourselves despite this. 

Working with energy habits can be challenging, and psychotherapy and EMDR can help.  If you feel porous or invaded, or just want to give voice to relational challenges that are impacting you currently, then get in touch.

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