Resilience Recipes - Let’s Share Them For World Mental Health Day

I work with people who need a bit of a helping hand to rediscover what makes them shine, be energised and succeed.

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Oct 10, 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day

Take a few moments today to reflect on what has helped you deal with the challenges that life has  thrown at you over the years. 

How can you share your resilience recipes with others to help them thrive?

Here’s a few of mine:

Remember to breathe when it feels a bit scary. Deep breaths in to the count of 5 then breath out to the count of 7. Do this for a few minutes

Get outside, if you can, and look up. There’s something about this that really helps. Works inside as well but when I do it in scary meetings I sometimes get a few odd looks!

Listen to the type of music that grounds you and gives you peace. For me it’s Faure’s Requiem

Would love to hear your tips  


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Sandra Whiles

Director, Sandra Whiles Coaching Ltd

I work with people who need a bit of a helping hand to rediscover what makes them shine, be energised and succeed. I love my work as a coach, helping people, organisations, groups, teams and partnerships succeed and supporting small businesses to transform their ideas into reality. All of my work is grounded in a coaching approach and builds on my experience and success in shaping and leading individuals, teams, organisations and partnerships over many years. Before setting up my business in 2016, I worked for 35 years in the public sector. My last job was as Chief Executive for Blaby District Council in Leicestershire, described as "a great council" by the LGA in 2015 with very high levels of public satisfaction and staff engagement. Having trained with Barefoot Coaching Ltd, I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, hold a postgraduate certificate in coaching from the University of Chester, have done specialist training in Team Coaching and am a qualified NLP Practitioner. Sustainability is very important to me, so my work is designed and delivered in ways that give clients tools and approaches to use to maintain and build on their successes after their work with me is completed.

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