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Have You Given Your Bully The Slip Yet?

Bullying happens not only in the playground or park, but in the dormitory, office, boardroom or prison too. Anywhere where one person has the need to dominate and oppress another. Bullying results in feelings of weakness, vulnerability, helplessness and shame in the victim. When we've put the bullying behaviour in its rightful place these heavy feelings melt away and a new perspective and resourcefulness can take their place.
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Aug 12, 2015

Colour Your Life

Did you enjoy colouring as a child? I did? Then you'll be pleased to know that colouring books aimed at adults are back and are hitting the best seller lists. Discover this authors story of colouring and the benefits colouring offers you.
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Jul 31, 2015

How To Heal Your Relationship With Food

We all have our own unique relationship with food - and many of us also share some similar difficulties. When we explore and examine our inner child's associations with food, nourishment and nurture we can see the links with our present day relationship with food - and how to heal it.
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Jul 29, 2015

How to stop feeling like a failure

We are bombarded with ways to be, thing to achieve and told how to be successful, and yet so many people feel anything but that. Here's one simple way for you to stop feeling like a failure.
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Jul 20, 2015

Adopting Your Inner Child.

We all have an inner child - the child we once were who still lives in the shadow of our lives. Their needs may have been overlooked in the past but it's never too late to make up for that and 'Re-parent Your Inner Child'.
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Jul 15, 2015