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5 Mantras to Handle Mental Minions

Mental Minions are those little distractions that we impulsively respond to. These Minions travel in packs, and typically strike when you're supposed to be focusing on a task, especially something long-term and meaningful. Here's how NOT to get Minion-ed.
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Sep 17, 2015

Mummy Tummy? I don't think so!

I am sick of hearing the term 'mummy tummy' bandied about by the press, not a day goes by without seeing some celebrity being judged by their shape and size. They used this cringe inducing name 'mummy tummy' as if using a cutesy term negates from the fact they are shaming women for their body shape and propagating ideals of negative body image for women.
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Sep 16, 2015

5 Easy Ways To Stand Your Ground And Make Your Point

We all struggle at times to make our point, and to get our opinions and preferences across to others. This leaves us feeling frustrated and disappointed, and the muddles we get into can damage our relationships. Here are some simple ways you can help to make more of an impact and greatly reduce the likelihood of someone challenging what you have to say, or of things getting in a muddle.
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Aug 26, 2015

How Happy Can You Be?

There's lots of talk around about being happier - but it's easier said than done. Feeling happy changes the way we see ourselves and our lives... it feels good and we want more of it - and for it to last! Here are my tips and advice for a sustainably happier life...
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Aug 19, 2015

Are you a 'Victim' of the Imposter Syndrome?

The imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalise their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their abilities. People remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. They constantly wait for the tap on the shoulder that says ‘you’ve been found out’.
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Aug 13, 2015

5 Steps to More Satisfaction

Running from yoga class to meetings, green juice in hand, regramming an inspirational Rumi quote whilst on the tube, looking forward to a wholesome vegan meal when you finally get home, still reluctantly there a tiny piece of you shouting "I'M NOT SATISFIED"? Step away from the mala beads, relief is at hand
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Aug 12, 2015