What symbolises how you have changed through time?


Many years ago, when I finished working with a psychotherapist I had been seeing for a long time, she gave me a Bonsei tree.  At the time, it seemed a beautiful, but slightly odd, gift. 

I began my relationship with this little tree very enthusiastically, I'd never had such a thing before.  I'm not so sure it enjoyed my ministrations back then, I came close to killing it with kindness a few times, after discovering I had more enthusiasm than knowledge or skill in bonsei care!  

However, my little tree endured.  And in time, thrived.  These days it's a very different tree from the one I received.  As I pruned it this morning it made me smile to see how much I look at it and see my own reflection.  I have quite literally shaped it into what appealled to me, and as a result it is deeply instructive.

I like the steady pace of tending my tree.  I like watching its unassuming, quiet transformation over time. I love its still way of holding up a mirror to me.  It's turned out to be one hell of a gift.

Noticing this made me wonder.  What is it in your life that offers a metaphor for your personal development?  What do the things around you say to you about who you were, and now are?  What clues do the things you love give to your values and what you want to bring to fruition in your life?

If you'd like to explore the symbolism of your path this far, and consider your next steps, then get in touch.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

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Suzy Walker over 1 year ago

I love this post. I look all the time at the environment that I create about me for clues about what's going on for me. Thanks for your insight on this.