I love that I was born in the middle of the year and in the middle of the month 15th July. Each year I welcome the month of July with a smile and a heart full of love and gratitude for celebrating another birthday.

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Jul 30, 2018

At the beginning of this month I found myself in an emotional turmoil, my sleep is still finding it’s old pattern, my appetite increased and exercise nowhere on my schedule. I felt panicky for approaching deadlines because I kept aiming for perfection even for my drafts. I found support, from my tribe, Psychologies Ambassadors Life Leap Club! I was able to take on tips and embrace their words of encouragement. I managed to complete my first draft and received positive feedback from my supervisor.

I breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself “On to the next one”.

The next one, was to address the emotional turmoil. I found the process daunting and so I supplicated for love in my life, kindness, strength and contentment. After having a long conversation with the ladies about lost and unrequited loves and loving the wrong people I was reminded to let my guard down. I knew this was true because the honest reason is the fact that I have been in an emotional protective mode! Loving myself first and avoiding the opposite sex, why? I have no time for emotional unavailability and my tender heart is too precious, too worthy to be broken again. Spontaneously, I ended up creating a profile on an dating website on the 6th July yeah I did. I know I had said in the past I would never do this, yet I was the only one judging myself.

I chose to write little about myself and requested those interested to ask good questions and I would answer. The searches I made provided many interesting profiles. I was intrigued by one profile in particular, this person had created a straightforward profile and from what I could read, he appeared open-minded, honest and kind. I decided to click the like button and then sent a message expressing my interest in getting to know this person. Surprisingly I received a like as well and a reply to my message with a phone number. I got excited and added this number on WhatsApp. We missed each other’s calls so the first chat was a brief introduction. When we finally spoke, it was as if we already knew each other. 

I  was blown away by his honesty and intention. My intuition was right and I am glad I listened to it. I listen actively as he told me about himself and he did the same when I talked. We continued exchanging information about our lives, education, careers and future plans for days on end. I enjoyed getting to know more about this person. I noticed myself becoming excited, wanting to talk to him everyday as he was on my mind most of the time. On my birthday I felt the airy bounce in my steps, my smile constant and truly loved by all the birthday wishes and prayers. I enjoyed a relaxed evening with my two colleagues, they had planned everything and for that I was grateful. I sat down with my journal that night reflecting on the first 7 months of 2018. It began by giving myself the love I freely gave away to others, followed by the wintery blues mid March/February and despite the panics and fear of failure, my research project will be completed by the first week of August. I have found harmony within my family and "framily", a huge source of support from my fellow Psychologies Ambassadors at our Life Leap Club. I found contentment with everything outside of my control and gained spiritual re-boost in Ramadan and still enjoying the spiritual high I currently feel.

What I was not expecting mid-year was to find authentic love, not lazy love! Long story short I ended up traveling to Rome to meet this kind person for a weekend and I am so happy I took a chance on love. I have never in my life travelled to meet anyone like this before and I anticipated the worst. However, everything turned out to be wonderful and exceeded my expectations.I feel the rest of 2018 will be extraordinary! What’s not to love? Everything happens in it’s due time because The  Creator knows all about my needs, wants and fears. “He chose better for me, He always chooses better for me”

-Love & Light,


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Ummi Fulani

Sosionom/Social Worker & Psychologies Ambassador, Oslo University Hospital

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