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30 Days of Adventure 1-4

Ok, I'm cheating slightly. I'm gathering up 4 adventure ideas into one in this post. I will be having my own adventures too but if I have one every day I may be too exhausted to face the Autumnn!
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Jul 30, 2014

Why Is Being 'Like a Girl' an Insult?

I hate it when people think they are giving me a compliment by saying I do something ‘just like a man’. I’m a woman, for heaven’s sake, I don’t need my actions validated by being told I do it like a man, i.e. better than if I was doing it like a woman….
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Jul 15, 2014

Try Not Being Sorry for One Week

“Sorry to interrupt you, but I need to…” “Sorry, but I’d like to ask a question….” or “Sorry, but I have no right to claim this space/time as mine so am prefacing everything I say with sorry to make myself
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Jul 15, 2014

What if you're actually underwhelmed?

Naturally, I've been thinking about overwhelm this month. It's what many of us have been talking about here and I'll be honest I've had my own "overwhelm" going on. But I just had this thought. What if it's all made up?
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Jul 14, 2014

Making a difference

We all want to feel we make a difference, don’t we? When we’re not sure that what we’re doing is making a difference, we feel powerless. We feel a lack of motivation, a lack of enthusiasm for what we are doing and don’t we sometimes even just give up?
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Jul 10, 2014

Can You Run a Successful Business and Be True to Yourself? A Feminine Model of Business?

I’d better add a health warning to this post. I’ve just completed another RenewYou licensing event and once again been overwhelmed by the friendship and support so may just be a bit emotional…but I see nothing wrong with that. I’m a human, we emote. There’s been quite a bit of media-chat about women and friendship of late, mostly to the effect that women don’t make good friendships or look after each other in business.
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Jun 30, 2014

Go Slow...Is It Time You Had a Top Up'?

I’ve been coaching quite a lot recently within organisations undergoing change. It’s tough if you’re the recipient of a major reorganisation, not least waiting to find out whether you have a job or not. Stress levels can rocket through the roof. If you are in this position, I have a question for you: Have you stopped looking after yourself?
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Jun 30, 2014