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Small acts of kindness- whats in it for you?

I have recently come across two significant days which i was only vaguely aware of in the past. September 21st is peace one day- a day of global'cease fire and non-violence' (god knows we need more of them). Today of course is kindness UK day, and we need more of these too. Of course it helps to have specific days to raise awareness and embrace these values but what happens when we incorporate them into every day activities?
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Nov 13, 2015

Memories Of Kindness

We've all experienced being at either the receiving end or the giving end of acts of kindness. World Kindness day reminds us of how rewarding and impactive even the smallest acts of kindness can be. Kindness is a rare and original human gift. Let's celebrate it.
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Nov 13, 2015

14 Lies We Self-Administer

We make up stories, seemingly innocuous little fibs, to keep ourselves stuck and out of action. Sometimes we're not even aware that we're doing it. I'm wrestling with number 2. Which lie(s) resonate with YOU?
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Nov 09, 2015

Who Can You Take At Face Value? Appearances Are Deceptive!

I'm sure we've all made mistakes when it comes to 'sussing out' other people and their motives...and perhaps these mistakes have cost us dearly. We are inherently wired up to make a quick decision about a friend or foe at first sight – because our very survival in primitive times could have depended upon this snap decision – to fight or run away!
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Nov 09, 2015

Is The Workplace Any Place For Your Inner Child?

We all have a hidden part of our psyche/mind which is called our Inner Child. He or she lives deep inside us and is the echo of who we once were as a child. It carries our beliefs about ourselves and it directs our sub-conscious behaviour – about 90% of the time – at home, on our travels and of course at work.
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Nov 02, 2015

Is Your Inner Child Taking Over The Nest?

The relationship we have with our parents and caretakers is the most important emotional and psychological connection we will build - and it determines how we see ourselves and what we believe we deserve in life. You may aim to be a kind and loving parent, but there could be one child you've been neglecting to your detriment...your Inner Child.
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Oct 26, 2015

The 9 doubts that most of us keep private

Each of us might be directing our own life’s stageplay, with different settings and characters and plots – but are we really all that different underneath it? Despite our uniqueness, many of us graze at the same smorgasbord of doubts and uncertainties and, because we’re often indulging in these in private, it can seem as though we’re quite alone. Here are nine ‘secret’ insecurities that I come across in my coaching conversations with clients often. These aren’t special. They’re not unique. They’re run-of-the-mill to the point of epidemic, and I’ve felt several of them too.
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Oct 25, 2015

Making and Breaking Habits: The Power of Practice

​Sometimes wisdom provides great advice of how to behave or think and our soul softens at the possibility of its truth. Despite our best intentions, there can be a wide gap between our current reality and the rose tinted one we strive towards. How do we get to the place where this wisdom becomes our experienced truth? In short, it is practice, patience and commitment to the journey.
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Oct 25, 2015

Emerging Women: Women Are Doing It For Themselves

I had a great time at this year's Emerging Women Live 2015 in San Francisco. For those in the know this is the hot ticket of the year with headliners Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jane Goodall and Dr Terarai Trent this is the woman's conference ito light your fire. Here's a few of my highlights of what the weekend meant to me.
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Oct 20, 2015