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Feminsists of All Genders, please sign here. No More Page Three

On the day when The Sun newspaper does not print bare bosoms on page three it seemed appropriate to share this with you. I first wrote it in 2012; Stella Creasy MP just retweeted so you may have seen on Twitter. (@JaneCWoods) It contains a very horrendous, yet telling, account from Clare Short who first raised the issue of offending pictures in a daily newspaper. She was vilified, as you will see. Hope she feels vindicated today.
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Jan 20, 2015

What You Most Need In 2015 Is Energy Not Time

What is the number one commodity you believe will help give you the success you deserve in 2015 to be productive and live a more meaningful life? What if I told you that what you need more of in 2015 is not more time but more energy?
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Jan 02, 2015

A Journal Writer's Journaling and Blogging Dilemma

You've heard about the book, Letters To A Young Poet by Maria Rainer Rilke? Well yesterday I received an email from a reader which posed two interesting questions about journaling and blogging. Here's a fuller version of my response to the letter I wrote back.
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Dec 31, 2014

​Questions to ask to find happiness in 2015

Stuff resolutions for 2015, how about getting in touch with what makes you feel alive right now! Our lives can become filled with an ongoing conveyer belt of things we need to do. We think that when we get to the end of the luggage belt of jobs, we can take time off and be happy. The problem is that the longer we spend solving problems and getting things done, when we finally get the free we don’t know what to do with it as we've forgotten what we searching for to make us happy! Here are three questions to keep you in touch with yourself in 2015.
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Dec 29, 2014