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Validation - The need to be really seen

​Being dyslexic I see patterns easily. One of the ways this shows up is seeing patterns in people. You know, the kind of behaviour patterns that can indicate some psychological problems. It means I don't have to see clients for months on end to get to the root of a problem. But recently I have expanded my pattern observation focus and have started to look at problems in society, asking myself one question. If there was one need all of my clients have in common, what would that need be?
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May 11, 2016

Tips for Negotiating Life as a Grown Up

My eldest son Max celebrated a very special birthday 2 weeks ago. He officially become a “teenager” and at this gateway to adulthood, I decided not to buy a card but to write him a letter instead. So this week, I have created a (less personal) version of this letter for you with 7 minus 1 tips for negotiating life. Why 7 minus 1? Well, there was a 7th tip for Max – but that one was all about how his mum will always love him, no matter what. And I figured this is less useful for you!
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May 06, 2016

An Easy Way to Increase Your Own Self Worth TODAY

I was in Ireland on Mothers’ Day a few weeks ago; the boys were with their Dad back here in England.The trip to Ireland had been booked months before and I realised I’d be away from my boys for “the big day” only when I noticed the ubiquitous Mothers’ Day marketing messages everywhere a few weeks earlier. Unfortunately, neither boys nor Dad are very good at remembering things like Mothers’ Day! And I forgot to remind their dad to remind them (anyone else do that?!) I didn’t even receive a text until I sent a snotty missive at midday to their Dad: “It’s Mothers’ Day you know! Not even a text!!!”
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Apr 28, 2016

The 'S' Word

Today is National Stationery and in this post Jackee Holder shares her healthy addiction to all things stationery and tells the story of where it all started.
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Apr 27, 2016

Am I bipolar?

Seventeen year old Katie sat uncomfortably on the old green velvet sofa in my office, with a look that reminded me of a rabbit caught in headlights.
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Apr 23, 2016

A Poem In Your Pocket

Today is national poem in your pocket day. So I am curious what poem would you carry in your pocket and why? I wonder, what ailment or challenge might your poem help with? And will you be brave enough to either send someone a poem today or read it out loud?
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Apr 21, 2016