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How to swap the clouds for the sun!

You can live in a pretty friendly universe where everything is amazing, or you can live in one where everything and everyone is out to get you. That choice alone will determine if you’re rich in spirit.
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Oct 27, 2014

Why do we disempower ourselves and others?

Empowerment is a hot topic. The idea that we can step into our brilliance and self empower is a sexy subject and something most of us will admit to wanting in our lives. Yet empowerment assumes that we understand how we disempower ourselves and in my experience that's the piece that often stays hidden in the shadows. I believe this means that we slap plasters on wounds instead of really healing the pieces that give us authentic empowerment.
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Oct 07, 2014

What to do when bad things happen

When bad things happen it is so easy to get into a spiral of feeling down, whether its something big like illness, relationship troubles or a relatively minor thing like your car won't start or your best top gets boil washed and comes out small enough for a Barbie...
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Oct 01, 2014