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One More Thing

"Mum, I need your help! I don't know where to put my stuff because my room is already full."
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Aug 21, 2014

Appreciation Experiences

What happens when we stop taking the "goods" of our life for granted? What happens when we suddenly realise how lucky we are? And why can't we keep hold of this appreciation?
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Aug 05, 2014

30 Days of Adventure 1-4

Ok, I'm cheating slightly. I'm gathering up 4 adventure ideas into one in this post. I will be having my own adventures too but if I have one every day I may be too exhausted to face the Autumnn!
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Jul 30, 2014

Why Is Being 'Like a Girl' an Insult?

I hate it when people think they are giving me a compliment by saying I do something ‘just like a man’. I’m a woman, for heaven’s sake, I don’t need my actions validated by being told I do it like a man, i.e. better than if I was doing it like a woman….
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Jul 15, 2014