Why not give meditation a try this World Meditation Day?

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Today is World Meditation Day, and it falls within Mental Health Awareness Week.  I feel moved to share this quote from Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist and therapist whose work informs my own.

Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious... Patients are people who have had too much programming - so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their inner selves.”

Meditation is one path to re-connecting to your felt sense of yourself.  It can help you to see clearly what there is to be seen, and to notice ways to increase your congruence and connection to what is good for you to do.  Through meditation awareness of what is not really you can increase, and outside influences can lose their grip.  It is not always an easy path, but it can be a beneficial one.  This World Meditation Day, why not dip in your toe and give it a try?

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