Are you clear about your internal compass?

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Sometimes things just don't sit right with us.  You might have an uncomfortable feeling in your gut, or feel a bit squirmy when you recall something that happened, but one way or another your body lets you know that something is out of kilter.  What's that about?

Given we are not a brain in a vat, we have an embodied experience.  What we think, feel and sense shows up in our body as well as in our mind.  Back in mammalian days we instinctively responded to the signals of our body, animals trust their intuitive knowing and use it.

These days, with our sophisticated brain and self-consiousness, there is a danger of losing our felt connection, of sacrificing it in favour of our thoughts.  This detachment comes at a price.

Every time you override what your body knows, you move a little further away from connection with your somatic wisdom.  Tension and pain can result, both physically and psychologically.

So what can you do?  Brain and body is not an either/or, one does not trump the other.  The two co-exist, they together make you who you are.  Getting to know your internal signals for what feels right (congruence) and wrong (incongruence) can be very useful. 

Sitting with an experience and getting a sense of what it is about something that troubles or delights you is beneficial, it gives you insight into your felt experience of your values.  Values tell us what matters, and we can develop awareness of them by noticing what we give time, attention and resources to, and what we draw back from and do not prioritise.  The same as in an organisation, its not what we say that matters, its not the value statement on the wall that is interesting, its what we do, what we bring to life, that holds sway.

It's sad that it feels culturally 'out there' to suggest that you sit with your felt experience of life to determine what feels right and good to you, rather than intellectually working it out.  This is not a new idea, it is the wisdom of ages.  It's not convenient, or quick, but it is powerful.

So, why not get a sense of your moral compass?  Become a detective exploring your own experience, and notice when you feel at peace, and when you feel disturbed.  Let yourself know what feels good to do, when you drop into your body and let it influence you.

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