Are you inconsistent and changeable?

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If you are, you're just like the rest of us. We have long fallen for a myth, that we are one, unified, continuous and consistent self, and what we do, think, and feel should also always be coherent and make sense.

People are just more complex than that. Think about it, is you the colleague the same as you the parent? Is you the child of your parents the same as you the friend? Most likely not.  

We are a collection of parts. Good mental health is not about being one undifferentiated whole, it's about having a network of aspects of ourselves that are in good contact with each other.  

It is normal to feel differently at different times. Its normal to have differing aspects of our personality that come out in different contexts. 

Being whole is about being able to feel difficult feelings and still stay in touch with our reasoning. It's about being able to stand back and evaluate, and still be in touch with our compassion and caring. It's about using all our strengths and talents for our own benefit and to soothe and heal inside, as well as using them for those we love and care about.

If you find you get stuck in emotional states that are troubling, or have no control over intruding thoughts, feelings or body sensations, then finding psychological support may well help.  

Understanding the parts that make us up, and how to navigate them is a great life skill. It's not just about mental health, it's about happiness, flexibility and balance too.  You matter, all of you!

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

I am here to help you thrive, whatever life brings. I offer Psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and Couples Counselling to clients based in Durham. I am UKCP Accredited and an EMDR Europe Practitioner, and offer Clinical Supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists locally. I have worked in private practice, the NHS, and in charitable organisations, with a wide range of clients and conditions.

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