You can tolerate more emotion than you suspect


Sometimes a reservation for clients coming into psychotherapy is that they may not be able to bear the emotion that could come up when they begin to talk about difficult things.  I think this is a reasonable concern to have.  It may be the case that you have avoided thinking about something distressing for quite a period of time, or that you have found emotions difficult to cope with in the past.

It's useful to know that psychotherapy is not just about talking about uncomfortable things.  Psychotherapy is a process of coming to know your own strengths and resources, and of together creating a trusting relationship that feels safe.  When these things are in place, there is a different context to that of every day life.

The role of your psychotherapist is to help you to build up the resilience and capacity to be able to contain whatever emotions you may need to process and release.  This is done in a variety of ways and depends on your specific needs and situation.

If you feel you need help, but have concerns about whether you could withstand the process of therapy, then take this to a psychotherapist as an opening issue, and see where it takes you.  Shop around for someone who can empathise and help you build an approach that works for you, and takes you where you need to go.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

I am here to help you thrive, whatever life brings. I offer Psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and Couples Counselling to clients based in Durham. I am UKCP Accredited and an EMDR Europe Practitioner, and offer Clinical Supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists locally. I have worked in private practice, the NHS, and in charitable organisations, with a wide range of clients and conditions.

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