Life is more than whatever you feel just now

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Some days are testing. Sick children, stretching work challenges, family disputes, financial worries...there can be many stresses and strains that really knock you sideways.

Sometimes, life circumstances can begin to feel chronically challenging, with one thing after another feeling as if it piles on top of you and interferes with your mood. When this happens, low mood and anxiety can set in if left unchecked.

And yet, just one thing changing can turn the way you feel on its head, and really alter your perspective. Sometimes it may be just a small thing, like a moment of connection with someone, noticing something beautiful in nature, or doing something you love to do.  Many different things can suddenly change the way you feel.

When you are feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable, it is important to stay open and to notice what else there is, as well as whatever it is that currently weighs you down.  Literally keeping your head up and continuing to look outwards, and being open to the possibility of change are important ingredients to help you savour what is happening. 

Life can be difficult. It is also multi faceted. There is always more. For help in finding the light amidst the darkness, get in touch.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

I am here to help you thrive, whatever life brings. I offer Psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and Couples Counselling to clients based in Durham. I am UKCP Accredited and an EMDR Europe Practitioner, and offer Clinical Supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists locally. I have worked in private practice, the NHS, and in charitable organisations, with a wide range of clients and conditions.

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