How To Stay Positive No Matter What

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Jul 31, 2018

When my reservoir tank for optimism went low, I knew that Mr misery and negativity were not far away, it was time to find out how to keep my groove non-stop.

Yes, being positive is the component to keep you going but not only. There is something, a feeling that can ignite in you so much happiness and giant smiles that it’s going to knock your socks off and everyone is looking for it.

Here’s the secret just for you: It’s called joie de vivre.

I can see you with a frown on your head wondering:  what is joie de vivre?

Joie de vivre is a French phrase often used in English to express joy for living, a cheerful enjoyment of life.

Joie de Vivre is :

  • The feeling that is present in all of us if you ready to kindle it.
  • The feeling to be alive connected to your 5 senses: to explore, to breathe, to smell, to taste, to hear, to laugh, to enjoy a good time – this is the core of your joie de vivre.
  • The ability to stop yourself in your tracks and realize where you are right now is mind-blowing.  Five years ago, what did you achieve? Five years later, where are you now?
  • This powerful ability to find joy in every moment of your life.

Joie de Vivre is also :

  • Your fuel, your drive to have the life you desire because this is within you.
  • Your spirit to be alive, to enjoy what is around you.

Connect with your spirit, connect with your passions, connect with your voice.

Experience joie de vivre is the choice to have an attitude and perception open to it. Take time even 5 minutes in your day to appreciate all these small moments bringing a smile in your face or make you laugh alone in the train or metro. Who cares ? What matters is you.

You have a busy schedule, 9 to 5 job, a loan to pay, 2 children eager to see you tonight and a relative to support. Yes, when you realise this, your mind is far away from joie de vivre but this is where you have to grab the opportunity to switch your mindset right now : ask help, speak to your tribe, share your struggles. They will bring more joy and love to you that you could imagine.

Awake your awareness, activate your network support 2.0 and use your resilience to bounce back faster. Joie de vivre is linked to your uniqueness, your voice, your talents. This is not a question to capture joie de vivre, it’s a choice to embrace it now.

 Ask yourself : what makes you smile? What makes you laugh? 

Tell me in the comments below.

With love


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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset

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