Pursuing Your Dreams From A Place Of Love

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Mar 13, 2018

When you hear the music, any music waking up your desire to LIVE, dream, move, dance, smile, you know deep down that waiting for your dreams become true is not your style. Pursuing your dreams relentlessly from a place of LOVE, it’s the secret to remain passionate, keep going no matter what and overcome any obstacle.

It’s also time to recognise the signs most unnoticed by us, so caught up in our rushed lives but when you notice the beauty of the nature around you, you slow down to see these other bubbles of happiness : some good news, a text from your friend, a new opportunity coming up, a new idea, compliments, loyalty from a colleague and so much more !

Rushing and trying to catch up with time is pointless, you will be sweaty, irritated, impatient and ready to collapse in anger mode…there is no point, better to do things at your own pace by organising yourself to preserve your zen, your cool, your flow.

And the bonus of this attitude is to remain in control, confident that you are moving forward in the right direction diligently. You will preserve your sanity, stay open to new opportunities and will truly enjoy the world around you, it is finally reaching a quiet confidence in life combined with a peaceful and loving serenity. What is more appealing than that ?

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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, Blogger and French legal counsel


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