The Power of Celebration Is At Your Fingertips, Use It To Succeed!

How to harness the Power of Celebration

Jan 28, 2018

At any moment, any success, whatever small, minor, big, there is frankly no door for evaluation, measurement, calculation or quantity, we all are intentions, goals that we want to achieve. To do so, is a simple but powerful manner to create more and more joy and achievement along our journey is to celebrate.

Celebrate any success is getting you closer to your ultimate goal. For this reason, it is even beneficial to break down your goals/intentions into intermediate goals (as advised by the American psychologist Angela Duckworth) because each mini-step on the path to bring these small and intermediate goals into reality will bring a smile of pure joy, excitement to your face and above all will boost your motivation and your willpower.

And this is all what we need. Our brain, to stop going into self-sabotage or self-doubt mode need to have tangible evidence that we are moving forward AND the power of celebration is KEY to put your self doubt, your worries, in a nutshell your ego at rest for now. So, keep this is mind, any tiny success is worth to be celebrated. Write down your celebrations, set up a reminder to read them once per day and give yourself this time to congratulate yourself. Celebrate it and expect to celebrate more and more successes, more of them will come to you !

Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications,

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