What does sex say about your relationship?


When couples come into counselling together, one of the things that often takes them by surprise is being asked about sex.  Some feel shocked, some dissolve into laughter, some just stare, but seldom is there nothing worth saying.

When things are not going well in your relationship, your sexual relationship will reflect this.  Discovering what is happening and how couples feel about what is happening sexually is most often illuminating for them, and a way to get to the nub of what needs addressing in the relationship more generally.  Sex is intimate.  It's up close and personal.  It's therefore bound to show up vividly patterns that might in other ways be obscured or seem less important.

Couples don't always need to have couples counselling to get things back on track.  They do, however, need to find ways to communicate, to really talk.  Not to attack-defend and not to have the same old argument over again.  To open up and listen, to find new ways to express, and to be open-hearted.

Why not consider what your sex life tells you about your relationship?  What is there to learn, to reflect on?  How might you together experiment with ways to come closer? 

If you want support in approaching uncomfortable issues and moving forwards and feel couples counselling may be for you, then feel free to get in touch.

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