The Great Wake Up

Chris Baréz-Brown, our new columnist, invites us to join him for a year of adventure, where we stop operating on autopilot and start living a life full of joy and curiosity. To sign up, click here:

Simply red

Stop ‘buying so much crap’ was the task of week 6 after having a rest- week 5. We are only allowed to buy food and water and other essentials (such as fuel or medication.) Freeing our mind in the process.
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Feb 05, 2016

Very late to the party, but I have arrived!

So, I was late to the Great Wake Up! joining the party of champion bloggers in January, then faced with a multitude of technical issues meaning I was unable to join the online 'party'. I have been participating in the experiments and will share my findings. Just wanted to introduce myself a bit first...
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Feb 01, 2016